Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog-sitting Abbott

Let me introduce you to Abbott. Abbott is a guide dog puppy who was "career changed" and given to a legally blind child through the K9 Buddy program. This gives a child the opportunity to experience all that is involved in caring for a Guide Dog should they choose to get one in the future. Abbott is 3 years old.

I must tell you I am having so much fun with Abbott. He is such a good influence on Pilot. So.. I thought I would work on the food induced recall with Pilot with Abbott as the distraction. Well, I call "Pilot come" and here comes 2 running dogs who plop themselves right in front of me with those big brown eyes looking straight up at me "where's the treat?". I can tell Abbott sure learned this. What a great lesson.

I want to show pictures of them but they don't stop moving when I have the camera around so I did a video. Enjoy.


Taelor and Pilaf said...

Awww, what cuties! It sounds like Abbott had lots of fun with you!

We missed you both at Fun Day! Persia and Polo were there, as well as their mother, Ryka. Persia wa the odd looking pup of the group. When I get around to uploading them, I will post some pics of the pups! =]

Becky said...

Abbott sounds like a cutie and so cool the many career options they have now!