Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gladys spent the weekend

Hooper and Gladys had so much fun together. They played so much that I needed to separate them from time to time. Gladys is almost one year old.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Elbert's in Phase #4 and Hooper

Hooper is sooooo much fun. I was packing up Sara's computer to send to her in New York and used pillows as padding. Well, Hooper decided to make use of the ones that were left over. Too cute.

We have also been walking to and from the gym in the mornings. Today I did the spinning class while he waited patiently for me. I attached him to a weight so he didn't wander around. I remember having to use heavier weights for Donald - he would drag them across the floor.

Elbert has moved to Phase #4. This is what he is learning:
Guidework training progresses on more difficult sidewalks in busier sections of downtown areas. All curb types and more complex street crossings are introduced. The dogs begin to show clearance awareness, and begin to guide their instructors through the campus obstacle course. Preliminary obedience testing and evaluation of the dogs' reactions to head collars are also performed.