Monday, October 02, 2006

Downtown Disney - 10/1/06

October 1, 2006 was the annual Guide Dog Puppies in Training event at Downtown Disney.

Puppy raisers from all around come together to go through exercises to show evaluators how our puppies are doing. For example, we walk the puppies around Horseshoe Falls to see their reaction to the sound of the waterfall. We also are observed for how well we walk the puppy. Other stations include a Health Check, a walk through ESPN Zone to deal with stairs, elevators, and the activity of an arcade.

We took Mark and his guide dog Nubert with us. Elbert and Nubert got along great - They rode together in the back of the car.

While there, Elbert met 4 of his siblings. How fun was that. I do regret that we did not get a family picture. I will make sure to do that if we get another opportunity.