Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dog-sitting Abbott

Let me introduce you to Abbott. Abbott is a guide dog puppy who was "career changed" and given to a legally blind child through the K9 Buddy program. This gives a child the opportunity to experience all that is involved in caring for a Guide Dog should they choose to get one in the future. Abbott is 3 years old.

I must tell you I am having so much fun with Abbott. He is such a good influence on Pilot. So.. I thought I would work on the food induced recall with Pilot with Abbott as the distraction. Well, I call "Pilot come" and here comes 2 running dogs who plop themselves right in front of me with those big brown eyes looking straight up at me "where's the treat?". I can tell Abbott sure learned this. What a great lesson.

I want to show pictures of them but they don't stop moving when I have the camera around so I did a video. Enjoy.