Saturday, April 25, 2009

San Diego Fun Day 4/19/09

What a great event. Elbert brought his family. Sam and Abby had a good time learning what we do to make a Guide Dog like their Grandpa has. They got to see how we went around the police car, on the bus, over the surfaces and past the distractions and obstacles. Abby made a video of it all. I can't wait to see her finished project.

Pilot got to meet his brother Polo - you could hardly tell them apart. I hope Pilaf gets to see this picture.

And the best-est part was when I won a 35# bag of puppy food. This comes in handy since Rick gave Pilot the go ahead to have an extra cup of food each day.

Hooper made it to Phase 10 - come on Harmon you can make it

Hooper made a jump from Phase 8 to 10. I know he still has a ways to go but for this we are proud.

Elbert - at work

Pilot and I went to visit Elbert at his house in LA. We went with Dan and Carol and family to the Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street 4/11/09. What a wonderful day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Need to light a fire under Hooper and Harmon

These boys are still sitting in Phase 8 - Haggerty is in 10. Making his brothers look bad. What's that all about?