Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Pilot got to fly!!

This was a great experience for Pilot. He was a trooper. We were in and out of elevators, on and off busses and trains. He is totally over any fear he had of those.

I have to give a big THANKS to United Airlines. They are so good to Guide Dog puppies in training. Not all of the airlines are as accommodating.

I had a great visit to the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus. Pilot got checked at the vet clinic for his ear infection. He got the meds for that. Got to meet my Facebook friends. And got to see Zach and Fogerty (Fogerty was the first dog we raised and he gets to hang out at the school).

The trip was quick but perfect.

Here are some pics:


Taelor and Pilaf said...

Wow, what an amazing experience!!! What a great puppy. Flying so young! =D

Poppy The Puppy said...

I LOVED Fogerty!! When I interned at GDB years ago, Fogerty stared at me with his big brown eyes from across the hall. All day! I was so smitten with him! How old is he now? (Wait - maybe I don't want to know! I was a youngin' back then!)