Friday, January 25, 2008

Congratulations to the "E" Pups

Phase #10
Congrats to Samuel and Kalina - you can be so proud of your "E" puppies. They did very well. I know they don't have the job yet but they are all so close. I think a group graduation with Elbert, England, Emmylou, and Eli would be so much fun. Here is the picture again.

I also heard that Elsa is "with pups" now - she will have her first litter soon and Edison is doing his training "in home".


Kelsey and Spike said...

What a great litter this turned out to be! Good luck to Elbert and the rest of the "E" pups in their final phase of training.

johnpatrick said...

Well Hooper and Harmon are progressing along nicely. Just heard that my last pup Cade, was assigned to a class with a graduation date of 3/8. What a MIRACLE! Never thought it would happen with him. The miracle of San Rafael! Hopefully Elbert will be in there too and we'll get a chance to meet!


Anna and "Lawrence" said...

Congrats!!! A good friend of mine raised Samuel, Elbert's dad, and it's been fun to watch his pups' progress!! They all seem to be doing pretty well. He (Samuel) was a great boy, and I have wonderful memories of him.

Go Elbert!!!