Saturday, December 08, 2007

Elbert is in Phase #6 now

Elbert is still moving along through his formal training. He has made it to Phase 6 - I AM SO PROUD. I hope his brothers and sisters are doing well too.
Here is a summary description of what he is learning now.
Phase #5
Preliminary guidework testing is performed with the instructor under blindfold. Complete medical history review. Guidework training environments become more challenging: pedestrian traffic, stairs, different flooring surfaces, etc.
Phase #6
Guidework routes in difficult and challenging level work environments. Heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas, wide crossings, hectic atmospheres, etc. Introduction to sidewalkless areas and rounded curbs. Continued work in malls, stores and buildings with increasing exposure to varying sights, sounds and smells. Advanced guidework skills such as moving turns. Learning "intelligent disobedience", in which dogs learn to refuse to obey a command if it is unsafe to execute. Advanced obedience training.

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