Saturday, September 15, 2007

Introducing ----- HOOPER!!

This is Hooper, male, yellow lab, born 7.3.07. His parents are Denzel and Vonnie. Hooper's brother Haggarty is also in our group. If you have a sibling or know of one, please let me know.


Kelsey and Spike said...

Aww what a cute name!! Hooper. Good luck with him, he sure is cute!

Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

Looks like a sweetie! Last week Harold was delivered to CO (not my club, but they have a site... )
I hope you had a good first night with the boy!

johnpatrick said...

Not only do we have sibs Harmon and Hooper, but Cade and Elbert are in the same phase together. Phase 4 as of this date. I'm not holding out a lot of hope for Cade as he was a pooper, but we'll see.

Why are these "H" dogs growing so fast!!!!